LIMITED TIME OFFER: UrielTones Home Unit with Sony MDR7502 Headphones

LIMITED TIME OFFER: UrielTones Home Unit with Sony MDR7502 Headphones

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What Is UrielTones? 

For the best results, we strongly recommend the use of over-the-ear, professional-grade headphones (not noise cancelling). This type of headphones more accurately reproduces the subtle UrielTones frequencies and will deliver more therapeutic benefit.

This bundle includes a home unit along with a set of Sony MDR7502 Professional Studio Headphones at less than retail cost.

Headphones Features:

  • 30mm Driver Unit

  • Gold Connectors and OFC Cord

  • Headphones feature a closed-ear design

  • Wrap-around cushions deliver better sound insulation

  • 30-millimeter driver units deliver full-range sound

  • Gold-plated plugs for excellent signal conductivity

  • Unimatch plug system fits miniplug and standard 0.25-inch plug for wide range compatibility

Home Unit Features:

UrielTones is a patented device from Uriel Sound Corp. being successfully used by health care providers, wellness centers, and clinics across the US, Canada, and Europe. The UrielTones Home Unit is made up of the unit base, 4 pads that are attached to the ankles and wrists, 1 small/medium pad cover set, 1 medium/large pad cover set, and a pair of Sony MDR7502 Professional Studio Headphones.


UrielTones is experienced through listening (headphones) and through small pads on the body. Each of the 4 UrielTones pads consists of a speaker and a high grade lab grown crystal. The UrielTones programs consist of proprietary modulated human toning that is fed through the headphones so that it affects brainwave patterning. These tones also pass through the pads placed on the body. This impacts the entire neurological and physiological systems.

As the tones pass through the pads, the patented modulation pattern for each tone creates a unique oscillation in the crystal, generating a correspondingly unique frequency that can be felt deep inside the body. This counteracts disrupted conditions in the body and brain by creating a healthy restorative resonance that balances the autonomic nervous system. UrielTones leaves you with an overall feeling of well-being and calmness. A majority of people fall asleep the first time they run. It grounds you and clears your mind and can put you into a deep meditative state.

The UrielTones Home Unit comes pre-programmed with 4 specific sets of tones—2 deep calm/sleep/stress programs and 2 mental clarity and balance programs—that can help anyone reach a deep level of relaxation, experience significantly improved sleep patterns, and achieve a higher state of mental clarity. For the large majority of people, this happens the first time they run on UrielTones. It is also equipped with a USB port to use in downloading additional tone programs that will be available in the future from the UrielTones website.